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What does it mean? “Building the Exceptional, Together”

KW Landscape Architects April 20, 2023

What does it mean? Building the Exceptional, Together.

As one of the top Landscape Architecture firms in Houston, Central Texas and Indianapolis, the word “together” is an important part of who we are as a company. We work together with our clients, we grow together with our employees and we beautify the the outdoor environment together as landscape architects.

Our KW team works togetherwith you, to illuminate your vision. We thoroughly assess the intentions of your development while simultaneously considering your stakeholders, end users, use of the spaces, site opportunities and challenges, and overall site maintenance. We do this by asking a myriad of questions to develop an understanding of your vision, we want to know what your conscious and subconscious goals are. Our job as your landscape architect is to shape the ideas you’ve only imagined and turn them into a buildable reality. KW prides itself on being an exceptional problem solver—we provide value through our strategic approach to budget analysis by creating unique and effective solutions that demonstrate our ability to amplify your pro-forma.

Our creative and discerning approach is superior to our competitors—we look at each site holistically and take the time to understand important natural features like topography and vegetation. One of our cornerstones for design is to keep your experience, the end user, in mind from beginning to end. No matter how beautiful a design is, if it doesn’t function to meet the needs of its users, it is not a successful design.

From concept through completion, our design team collaborates and coordinates with each project consultant through every phase seamlessly. Our commitment to using the latest in technology leads us to utilize programs like Revit and Bluebeam to help identity challenges we can offer solutions to.

We offer a broad range of services including community identity development and branding, site design, theming, amenity design, pedestrian and vehicular circulation, monumentation, landscape, irrigation and hardscape design, material selections, 3D rendering and more!

Hardscape design is often overlooked when thinking about the scope of a landscape architect—KW has a long history of exceptionalism in hardscape design. Retired Co-Founder, Thad Kudela, was a formally trained architect who engraved an affinity for the outdoor built environment throughout our culture. As a result, our team has a unique understanding of the architecture/landscape architecture symbiosis. The design of pools, fountains, fencing, signage, retaining walls and walkways are not just boiler-plate items for KW—we use every opportunity to be creative and express our teams shared vision.

By utilizing our relationships with industry vendors, we transform creative possibilities into constructible realities. Our team works together with the entire project team and your budget, to design exceptional features for your developments.

At KW we don’t limit our creativity or how far away we can work. We’re not just limited to Texas. We have an office in Indiana which gives us access to the Midwest Region, but we don’t stop there. KW is licensed in over 19 states and counting.

Interested in learning more about KW or seeing our projects? Contact us or visit our portfolio pages.

Together, we can build the exceptional.