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Construction Administration

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Construction Administration

Exceptional Outdoor Spaces Are Designed and Constructed with Longevity in Mind

Quality is non-negotiable at KW, and our proactive in-house Construction Administration (CA) team ensures our projects will last for generations to come. 

When construction is initiated, our dedicated CA Team can be on-site throughout the construction process to uphold high-quality installation standards. They are connected to the project from the construction documentation phase and bid advertisement, to warranty inspection and final punch walks, ensuring that the contractor is providing the correct softscape and hardscape materials. Additionally, the CA team will consistently communicate with selected contractors to promptly process submittals, RFIs, and pay applications. 

The CA Team regularly performs field visits, tagging trees and rejecting any plant or hardscape materials not meeting specifications. Field reports are prepared after each visit, itemizing any potential issues. Closeout inspections are also provided at the end of each construction phase.  

Thinking with the End in Mind

The Construction Administration team plays a critical role in ensuring that the intent of our designs conceived during the schematic design phase, materialize as planned, delivering an exceptional project for our clients. Our quality control process initiates with design reviews, continues with a series of redlines and reviews during the documentation phases, and concludes with onsite inspections where we meticulously assess the installation process until the project is completed.

KW Team: Travis Triola, PLA, | Bradley Pointon, LI

Attention to detail

Installed and Integrated as Planned

With decades of horticultural expertise, our Construction Administration (CA) team possesses extensive knowledge of plants, trees, and construction best practices. This expertise ensures that clients receive an exceptional final product. By meticulously reviewing construction documents internally, the team develops a comprehensive understanding of the design intent. This enables effective communication with the contractor to ensure seamless integration of landscaping according to the planned project specifications.

Quality is non-negotiable

Correcting Any Issues

KW is dedicated to executing our client’s vision precisely as intended. Our CA team diligently collaborates both internally and externally, working closely with our project team and on-site contractors. This ensures that our designs are implemented in accordance with the original version.  

Because we Care

Checking Plants to Make Sure They Are Cared For Properly

In diverse weather conditions, our esteemed Construction Administration team provides invaluable insights into plant aftercare. This guidance is essential for ensuring the long-term resilience and sustainability of our planting designs. 

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