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Design Process

About Design Process

Our Design Process

Collaboration with Owners, Architects, and Engineers

Our collective experience has enabled us to develop a proprietary design process. As a leading landscape architecture firm, we differentiate ourselves by providing a fully immersive and collaborative approach that allows our clients to be actively involved in the decision-making and creative process. By working closely with our clients, we ensure that the result is a space that truly reflects their vision and preferences. We believe that this level of collaboration and immersion is essential in creating designs that are truly exceptional and meaningful.

Design Process



We work collaboratively in partnership with our clients, consultants, and partners to achieve a common goal.



Research allows us to gain a better understanding of the project site, and its relationship to the surrounding environment.



Context reinforces our research and applies the principle of connectivity, showing us how we can connect the past, present and future of a project.



Engagement starts with a collaborative meeting to provide a clear direction for a project through a visioning session and design charrette.



Theming creates a particular ambiance or motif, furthering the direction of design elements and style.



Identity helps communicate the personality attributes of a project to reinforce design aesthetics, image, and culture.



Planning creates room for data-driven strategies to be formulated so the project team can make informed decisions.



Programming ensures a space can be used to its maximum potential connecting people to their environment.



Traditional materials, a keen awareness of the environment, and classic principles drive exceptional design.



Implementation is the execution of our entire design process and when the decision or plan goes into effect.

Our Design Process

Elevating Design

Our design aims to create a harmonious blend of landscape amenities and nature’s beauty, striving to replicate and mimic natural elements in an authentic manner. A crucial aspect of this process lies in comprehending the historical and geographical context of the project site. This understanding forms the foundation for developing an intimate relationship with the site, fueling curiosity about social influences, economic drivers, and environmental impacts associated with the project. Ultimately, our goal is to strike a balance between innovation and reality, resulting in facilitating a meaningful connection between people and their environment.

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