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Zara Medelci

Business Operations Executive


  • Bachelor of Business Administration in Economics, University of Houston

Zara Medelci

As our Business Operations Executive, Zara handles everything that keeps our office running. From day-to-day office operations to accounting and financials, Zara handles it all with zeal and diligence. Her ability to resolve complex issues through detailed organization and communication allows everyone in the office to work seamlessly. Outside of keeping our offices afloat, Zara loves spending time with family and friends, practicing yoga and going on walks, traveling, cooking, and spending time by the water.

KW has been an immense support to my growth as a professional. I also love seeing Houston develop and it’s great knowing that we had something to do with that. It’s always fun driving by a project and saying, “Hey we did that!’”

Zara Medelci

Fun Facts

  • Originally from Algeria but raised in Houston, TX!
  • She would love to retire on the beach!
  • Her favorite type of food is Mediterranean
  • She’s a city girl but a country girl at heart