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Shade Winfrey

Project Coordinator


  • Bachelor of Landscape Architecture, Louisiana State University, 2023

Shade Winfrey

Shade has explored the mysterious swamps and bayous of Louisiana, cliff-jumped into the frigid Great Lakes of Michigan, and climbed the red rocks in Utah. Traveling serves as a significant source of inspiration and perspective in her role as a landscape architect. Shade loves that her profession encourages exploration and learning through experience. By hiking through forests, sketching urban plazas, playing pickleball at local courts, or even stopping to smell the roses, Shade gains valuable insights that enrich future designs and inform how different spaces feel and function.
Landscape architecture combines both sides of the brain and promotes ambidextrous problem-solving. It requires using both the logical, mathematical brain and the creative, conceptual brain in unison. As a Landscape Coordinator, Shade is thrilled to be in a position that allows a holistic learning experience of the design process. Shade looks forward to working with both the Design and Production Team, and learning how strong concepts can be brought to life.
In her free time, Shade enjoys spending time outdoors exploring local parks or roller skating. Food is another passion for Shade, serving as a means of self-care and connecting with others. Shade also cherishes time with family and friends, whether it’s through quick FaceTime calls, trivia nights, coffee dates, or trying new activities together.

I am drawn to KW's commitment to the design process and imagination while achieving pragmatic results. Both strengths build on one another, and I am excited to be a part of that. I also appreciate that KW celebrates diversity. Our unique qualities and strengths can connect us. I'm looking forward to joining a team that highlights that - both in the people we work with and the places we design.”

Shade Winfrey

Fun Facts

  • Go-to Coffee Order: Chai with a shot or two of espresso
  • Her first concert: Weird Al Yankovich in 5th grade
  • She worked in Zurich for over half a year.