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Office Promenade

Project Description

A Modern Office Space with Lush Landscape Design

Promenade is a vibrant office and retail space located in Conroe, Texas, just north of Houston. Featured as the World-Architects Building of the week in December 2023, this 15,000 sqft project includes outdoor spaces such as planted gardens and seating areas that connect people to their surroundings and extend indoor activities outdoors.

The green spaces are angled toward the street to increase visibility, attract visitors, and enhance well-being. Diverse gardens, inspired by the client’s request for local ecologies, offer multi-sensory experiences, from the fragrance of jasmine climbers to the soothing shade of bamboo groves. Visitors can stroll through various themed gardens, including a Texas rock garden, a tall grass garden, a pollinator garden, and a desert garden. Promenade seamlessly integrates indoor and outdoor environments, creating a dynamic and engaging collaborative space.

Project Highlights

Location:Conroe, TX
Size:15,000 SF
Outdoor Amenities:Outdoor Courtyard, gsky Versa Wall XT Plant System, Vehicular Pavers, Landscape Lighting

Plant & Materials Palette

Shaping the Outdoor Experience


Yaupon Holly

Ilex vomitoria


Firecracker Plant

Russelia Officinalis


Japanese Yew

Podocarpus macrophylla


Upright Rosemary

Rosmarinus Officinalis


Walking Iris

Neomarica gracilis



Liriope muscari

Project Team

The Campus & Commercial Studio at KW brings together a wealth of knowledge and expertise spanning various fields, including Design, Project Management, and Construction Administration. Together, our team Builds the Exceptional by assessing how each phase influences the entirety of the project allowing us to authentically connect people to their environment.

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Darin Weinheimer


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Bradley Pointon

Construction Administration Executive