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Multi-Family Aspire Post Oak

Project Description

An Unparalleled Residential Experience in the Heart of the Galleria

Aspire Post Oak, a luxurious residential tower soaring 40 stories high in the esteemed Houston Galleria district, offers residents an unmatched living experience with its meticulously crafted outdoor landscape design.

Designed by KW, the amenity deck includes a stunning glass-edge pool, inviting residents to relax and soak up the Texas sun while enjoying breathtaking views of the city skyline. Adjacent to the pool, a playful pet park provides a space for furry companions to frolic through the lush greenery, enhancing the sense of community among residents. For those seeking tranquility, a serene hammock grove offers a peaceful retreat, where residents can unwind amidst the swaying trees. The outdoor game terrace provides a dynamic space for leisure activities and friendly competition, fostering connections among neighbors. With a fully equipped outdoor kitchen elevating this space for hosting gatherings, outdoor lounge spaces offer opportunities for relaxation and socialization, every corner invites residents to unwind and connect with their surroundings. In essence, the landscape design of Aspire Post Oak reflects the pinnacle of luxury living, seamlessly blending timeless elegance with natural beauty to create an unparalleled residential experience in the heart of one of Houston’s most prestigious neighborhoods.

Project Highlights

Client:The Dinerstein Companies
Location:Houston, TX
Size:40 Stories
Units:383 Units
Amenity Deck Size:49,700 GSF
Amenity Features:Pool, Fireplace, Outdoor Kitchen, Lounge Areas, Dog Park

The Challenge

Integrating a new 40-story residential tower into a well-established area like Post Oak in Houston poses several exciting challenges and opportunities, both architecturally and practically. Here were three key aspects we considered when designing this project:

Architectural Harmony: One of the primary goals we established was to ensure Aspire Post Oak harmonizes with the existing architectural landscape of Post Oak. As we begun the design phase, we studied existing architectural styles in the area and begun designing in a way that complements, rather than detracts from, the overall aesthetic appeal of the area.

Materials and Façade Design: Selecting appropriate materials and designing an attractive façade are essential for ensuring that Aspire Post Oak contributes positively to the existing streetscape renovation led by the Post Oak District.

Pedestrian-Friendly Design: Given the emphasis from the Post Oak District regarding the vibrant streetscapes, Aspire Post Oak prioritized pedestrian accessibility and comfort.

The Solution

Given the challenges of integrating Aspire Post Oak into the well-established area in Houston, we implemented the following solutions throughout our design and project management process.

Material Consistency: By selecting the same materials as the existing sidewalk pavers, and taking them all the way to footing of Aspire Post Oak, the new residential tower blends seamlessly into the existing streetscape, enhancing the overall coherence and visual continuity of the neighborhood. Instead of separating the project from the ROW we chose to create a sense of unity and reinforce the existing character of the area.

Enhanced Streetscape: Utilizing consistent materials not only ensured visual harmony but also contributed to the creation of an enhanced streetscape. The uniformity of materials along sidewalks, and building exteriors created a cohesive and inviting pedestrian environment, encouraging pedestrians  activity and social interaction.

Coordinated Design Process: Coordinating with other design consultants, including architects, urban planners, landscape architects, and transportation engineers, was essential for achieving this holistic and integrated design solution.

Plant & Materials Palette

Shaping the Outdoor Experience


Eagleston Holly

Ilex x Attenuata


Mexican Fan Palm

Washington robusta


Knockout Roses

Rosa Knockout


Foxtail Fern

Asparagus Meyeri


Weeping Rosemary

Rosmarinus officinalis 'Prostrata'


Mexican Feather Grass

Nassella tenuissima


Project Team

Our Urban Lifestyle Studio Team has unrivaled on-structure expertise backed by decades of experience. We have the necessary knowledge that allows us to convey a shared vision with our clients, all while maintaining our creativity and a deep understanding of the built environment. On-structure landscape architecture requires intense coordination with the architect, as well as structural, MEP, and any other consultants, to allow for a seamless project. High-level coordination with these project representatives leads to better building processes, removing potential conflict and risk from a project.

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Darin Weinheimer


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Travis Triola

Director of Urban Lifestyle

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Bradley Pointon

Construction Administration Executive